The Use of Spreadsheets in the Era of Big Water Data

Publisher: Aquatic Informatics

How do you manage the water data that you base your decisions on?

Data is generated in everything that we do. Whether it's sending grab samples to the lab, reading inline instruments, or taking results from test kits, that data needs somewhere to live. Are spreadsheets enough to handle all of this data?

With all of this data floating around in spreadsheets, databases, and paper files, it can become very difficult to manage this complex data cycle and make important decisions. As a result, a lot of time is being wasted on data acquisition and validation before you can even begin analysis and reporting to make use of this information.

Download the latest whitepaper from WaterTrax: The Use of Spreadsheets in the Era of Big Water Data to learn more about how to:

  • Manage your data with industry-specific software
  • Avoid legal, regulatory, and other risks
  • Derive more value from your water data