What are the keys to running a successful FOG Program?

Date: February 16th 2017

Presenter: David Stadelmann, Solutions Manager

About The Webinar

In this on-demand interactive webinar, you will learn from other FOG programs across the continent what they think are the common struggles and subsequently what the key elements of successful FOG programs.  FOG program managers from across the US and Canada come together in this webinar to share their struggles and successes as they have implemented or run FOG Programs.

    You'll Learn

  • Proactively keeping grease out of the sewers
  • Using smart tools to automate time consuming tasks
  • Collecting data in the field using mobile devices
  • Spending time with businesses that need your help
  • Reducing SSO/CSOs through intelligent data analysis

How are you spending you time to track FSEs?

Are you able to keep up with all of them?  Linko has spoken to hundreds of program managers across the nation and have learned many of the best practices that many FOG Programs have adopted.  This webinar will share the learning experiences from other programs and elements of a successful FOG Programs.

Often FOG Programs struggle with items such as consent decrees, non-participation of FSEs, CSO/SSOs, manual tracking and not enough horse power to make their programs work.  We have found that through the use of mobile technology, automation and a proactive approach you can build partnerships with FSEs and the public to help keep your FOG program on track.  These main points are among the main elements of a successful FOG Program.

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