2016 Year in Review: Industry Trends and what to look for in 2017

Date: December 15th 2016 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PST

Presenter: Andrew Lewis, Director of Sales, Brian Kut, Business Development

About The Webinar

WaterTrax Webinar: Year in Review

In this webinar we will review 2016, looking at trends in the industry that have emerged as technology is evolving.  Topics will include software integrations, mobile solutions and electronic reporting. We will then review how WaterTrax has developed tools to follow this trend and also present some of the great things to look forward to in 2017.

    You'll Learn

  • Industry Trends in Automation
  • Elements of a digital water future
  • Software Integrations connecting your data
  • Putting Mobile Solutions to work

Your data is an asset – make good use of it

Water utilities in North America are actively searching for ways to add innovation to their everyday activities to improve time consuming processes. With municipalities having limited resources, automation of regular, routine tasks is a mandatory step in the evolution of utility management.

The common thought process when it comes to data has been to warehouse it somewhere and use it for reporting. To change that mindset, we need to treat data as an asset.  It needs to be readily accessible by all stakeholders, have simple data entry and retrieval functionality and robust reporting and analytical tools. Having more alerts and reminders to replace manual data verification, water and wastewater utilities are able to free up resources to do other tasks.  By partnering with a software company that allows your to do this, your data will help utilities to have better water quality standards.

Automation is key!

Working with our clients across North America, we see a trend emerging.  More and more utilities are moving towards more automation for water and wastewater system management. WaterTrax takes an approach of providing an automated compliance management solution from source to tap. Our solutions help to improve efficiency for utilities by eliminating redundant and manual data entry and reporting processes.  By providing utilities with an innovative smart data management system, with automated data validation and compliance monitoring tools, utilities can automate labor intensive tasks. This results in time savings and more accurate data results allowing utilities to spend more time optimizing their water and/or wastewater systems.  Join our webinar to learn more!

This WaterTrax webinar, year in review will look at the defining issue for water utilities: digitizing data and automation. WaterTrax ensures real-time access to water quality data. As end users experience the benefit of timely, relevant water quality data, they will demand it as “the norm.”

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