Smarter Data Management with VTScada and WaterTrax

Date: April 23rd 2015

About The Webinar

Imagine having all of your water quality data in one place!  With WaterTrax and Trihedral VTScada, that is a possibility.

For many water and wastewater utilities, a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system is an essential tool for operational control, alarm management, and system optimization. These utilities must also collect thousands of discrete samples for laboratory analysis to prove compliance with regulatory requirements and require a data management system to manage all of their laboratory test results. However, it has traditionally been difficult to share information between these two types of systems which is often required for reporting. The most common solution was to manually consolidate the data which can be intermittent, time consuming, and subject to human error.

Trihedral and WaterTrax have simplified this process by creating a custom tag within VTScada that automates this process based upon easy to configure parameters.  This webinar will show you how the two programs work together and how this will help you save time and reduce errors.

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