Operational Assessments – Best Practices for Effective & Efficient Water & Wastewater Utility Management

Date: April 25th 2011

Presenter: Don Degen from the City of Kelowna, Valerie Jenkison, CEO of World Water and Wastewater Solutions LTD

About The Webinar

A webinar on that will focus what an operational assessment is and the benefits to the utility.

Day to day operations of water and wastewater facilities can be a challenging and time consuming job for most utility managers. Keeping up with the everyday activities and challenges can leave little time to reflect on the bigger picture and research best industry practices. Bringing in industry experts to audit and perform an operational assessment can identify significant areas for improvement. The recommendations can lead to changes in operations making the utility more effective and efficient and, in some instances, resulting in large capital cost savings. These savings can pay many fold the cost of the assessment and return a significant return on investment.

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