NetDMR is coming in Texas. Are you ready?

NetDMR is coming in Texas.  Are you ready?

Date: March 29th 2018

Presenter: Rich Prinster, Business Development Manager, Andrew Lewis, Solutions Engineer

Length: 45 mins

About The Webinar

The state of Texas has migrating away from the Texas NetDMR to the EPA NetDMR reporting by the end of this month  This webinar examines what this transition means for WWTPs in the state of Texas and across the US, where NetDMR reporting is applicable.

    You'll Learn

  • Trends in the Texas water industry
  • Changes to the Texas DMR Reporting Process
  • The new NetDMR reporting options
  • How the WaterTrax Solution makes this process even easier

NetDMR Reporting in Texas

In March of 2018, the state of Texas is transitioned to NetDMR electronic reporting, joining more than 27 states who use NetDMR currently, and moving away from the Texas NetDMR. WaterTrax has developed the ability to produce the NetDMR file format based on the NetDMR e-Reporting requirements established by the EPA.  We have also worked with various state regulators to define their state specific rules to make the NetDMR migration as simple as possible.

This on-demand webinar will examine what this transition means for you and how this will help you keep in compliance in Texas. We demonstrate how easy this transition is and how the WaterTrax solution can make the transition easier with centralized data, automated data entry and NetDMR report templates for easy upload to the NetDMR database.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more!  Not in Texas, this content will apply to anyone using the NetDMR reporting tool across the US.  Find out if that is you here. 

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