Groundwater Rule Overview and Best Practices

Date: November 12th 2009

About The Webinar

WaterTrax and Park Water’s Gary Lynch discuss the Groundwater Rule

Compliance with the Groundwater Rule under the Safe Drinking Water Act is required as of December 1, 2009.  The Rule impacts all public water systems using groundwater as a source.

In the past, new rules have often resulted in an increase in monitoring and reporting violations as system operators struggle to keep up with new requirements.  To learn how to minimize the GWR’s impact on your system please join WaterTrax, specialists in drinking water data collection and monitoring, and Gary Lynch, Park Water’s Vice President of Water Quality, for an online discussion of the Rule.  Mr. Lynch, who played an important part in shaping the new regulations.

    You'll Learn

  • Wholesale systems supplying groundwater
  • Consecutive systems buying groundwater
  • Systems using a mix of groundwater and surface water
  • New challenges to groundwater systems
  • How to achieve effective disinfection by a groundwater system to achieve 4-log inactivation of virus
  • How to develop a well monitoring plan for responding to positive Total Coliform samples

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