Go Mobile with WaterTrax Mobile for field data collection

Date: September 22nd 2016

Presenter: Andrew Lewis, Director of Sales, WaterTrax,

About The Webinar

Duplicate data entry is now a thing of the past for all WaterTrax users!

WaterTrax Mobile is the latest app from WaterTrax, designed to allow users to enter data during sampling rounds directly into the WaterTrax database. If you are currently hand writing your field sample readings onto paper log sheets, then it is time to go mobile with WaterTrax!

This webinar is a great opportunity to see how the mobile app works with the robust WaterTrax database.  The WaterTrax mobile app will reduce your data entry workload, saving costs in terms of time and staff resources!

    You'll Learn

  • Further automate data collection
  • Reduce or eliminate manual data entry and costs associated with it
  • Empower your sampling team to deliver results faster
  • Maintain connection to the WaterTrax database in the field
  • Get immediate alerts at the source
  • Ensure data integrity

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