Never miss a sampling event again!

Date: June 23rd 2016

Presenter: Andrew Lewis, WaterTrax, Director of Sales

About The Webinar

For many of our clients that manage complex sampling schedules, it can become difficult to stay on top of their tasks and not make mistakes. Often they see errors in their data and sometimes even miss sampling events.

WaterTrax has developed an exciting enhancement to the Sample Planner module: Chain of Custody. While WaterTrax has always had Chain of Custody labels, they have linked these to the Sample Planner module, allowing for users to link their regular scheduling program to Chain of Custody forms and labels!


    You'll Learn

  • How to set up chain of custody forms and labels
  • How to connect your sample schedule to chain of custody
  • How to automate your sample program

Automate your sampling program so you never miss a sampling event!

This webinar: Automated Sample Planner features the WaterTrax water quality sample schedule tool with the chain of custody labels and forms functionality.  This webinar shows how easy it is to track you sampling events, ensuring you never miss a sampling event again.  The chain of custody forms and labels are automatically generated from the software, automating manual generation and tracking.

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