Vickitt Lau - VP Technology

Vickitt Lau

Vickitt is the VP Technology at WaterTrax. His responsibility covers product development, product management, and cloud solution hosting. As part of the executive team, Vickitt is responsible for driving product and development strategy to create effective products and solutions that solve our customers’ day to day problems and help making compliance with increasingly complex water and wastewater regulatory environment easy.

Vickitt earned his BSc. (Hons) in Computer Science in the University of Alberta. After obtaining his MSc. focused on Artificial Intelligence from the same university, he spent seven years in the Alberta Research Council applying AI and advanced computing solutions to solve a broad range of industrial resource and scheduling optimization problems. Since then, Vickitt was involved in bringing a logistics optimization software company through the stages of incubation, startup, growth, and acquisition. In more than two decades in the industry, Vickitt have had the opportunities to create software products that help large and small companies to do more with less, including Greyhound Lines of Canada, Lafarge, GE Capital Rail Services, Canadian Space Agency, International Submarine Engineering, Merak Project (Schlumberger).

Vickitt enjoys expanding the horizon and sharpening the saw by travelling and reading on a variety of subjects.