James Griffiths - General Manager/CFO

James Griffiths

James is the CFO of WaterTrax and Linko Technolgy, two leading North American software brands serving the water, wastewater and FOG markets. WaterTrax ensures regulatory and operational compliance for agencies and utilities by managing their compliance and operational data. Linko supplies Industrial Pretreatment, FOG and Liquid Hauled Waste software to municipal agencies across North America. WaterTrax and Linko software enables clients with the tools to streamline regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiencies.

James began his business career in sales and then obtained his CPA with KPMG in 1992. He then spent 5 years in emerging markets in Eastern Europe and Asia with Pepsi Cola in a market development and finance role. Upon his return to Canada, he was a lead investor into WaterTrax, then joined the company as CFO and helped evolve the business from a start-up into a strong, stable growth company. James played a key role in the acquisition of Linko in early 2015.

Outside of business, James is a passionate adventurer on the west coast of Canada, and spends late nights waxing skis and surf boards preparing for the next adventure. He has 2 children, and along with his wife Sheelagh, they enjoy their community and being active outdoors with their children.