West Basin Municipal Water District Case Study

West Basin Municipal Water District chose WaterTrax to help them easily transition to electronic reporting to CIWQS.

WaterTrax has allowed us to move towards more qualitative analysis of data because of the quicker access to all data. We spend less time inputting data and running reports and spend more time reviewing the results, looking for anomalies and fine tuning our QA/QC processes.

Elizabeth Sala – Environmental Quality Specialist, West Basin Municipal Water District

West Basin Municipal Water District is a water wholesaler that provides drinking water and recycled water to nearly 1 million people across 17 cities in Los Angeles County.

The Challenge

West Basin was searching for a data management solution that would facilitate reporting, help them track ever-changing analyte parameters and assist their CIWQS reporting needs.

The Solution

West Basin needed to find a data consolidation solution that included a reporting module that would address their CIWQS electronic reporting needs.  After reviewing their options, they chose WaterTrax to help them consolidate their data and ease the reporting load.  In addition to the CIWQS reporting tools, WaterTrax offers a built-in formula builder which further reduces the amount of manual data manipulation that West Basin was previously completing for each NPDES permit.

In addition to the CIWQS reporting tool, Elizabeth also is using the DMR reporting product.  “The DMR integrates seamlessly with the CIWQS database,” she explains.  In California, the DMR Report goes to the EPA through the CIWQS database.  “The data validation feature of the DMR highlights any missing data or other issues in yellow making the process more effective.” (i.e. if the labs haven’t uploaded or if you are missing any results.)

The Benefits

WaterTrax has improved efficiency in their organization by eliminating redundant and manual data consolidation and reporting processes.  The main benefits have been:

  • DMR and CIWQS Reporting
  • Automatic Lab Data Transfer
  • Automated Alerting and email notification
  • Ad hoc Report Generation
  • Responsive Client Support

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