The Township of Langley trusts WaterTrax to be another set of eyes to review their data.

We are confident in the fact that we can rely on the WaterTrax parameter database to be up to date and I don’t have to personally track all of the analyte parameters, which are constantly changing.

Timo Siira Utility Operations Manager, Township Of Langley

The Township of Langley is located outside of the City of Vancouver that serves a community of approximately 90,000  citizens. In 2011, the Township of Langley underwent a full review of their water quality program to ensure that they were doing things according to best practices.

Since implementation of a smart data management tool, the Township has improved their data management practices, allowing them to use their resources in a more productive manner, resulting in smarter management of their water system.

The Challenge

The Township of Langley needed to find a process to manage their data.  Their water quality data tracking was  inconsistent and they struggled to keep track of regulatory requirements.  They wanted to find a solution that would help them rack regulatory requirements for their annual and semi-annual source water testing of wells.

The Solution

“I chose WaterTrax to reduce the duplication of effort in data entry and because it is secure and easily accessible across our entire network,” explains Mr. Siira. The built-in parameter database in WaterTrax helps them to ensure that all test results are compared to the most up-to-date analytes.

The Benefits

WaterTrax provides the Township with peace of mind that all of their data is accurate and allows them to have a better understanding of their system and provide a better service to their customers because:

  • Consolidation of data
  • The built-in parameter database
  • Reduced duplication of data entry
  • More productive use of resources

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