The Town of Newmarket Case Study

Ensures Accuracy, Improves Access, and Saves Time by Implementing WaterTrax

With the WaterTrax service we are prepared to respond to the Ministry of the Environment and to protect our community.

Bill Wilson, Water And Wastewater Supervisor, Town Of Newmarket

The Challenge

Do you have an overwhelming amount of data accumulating in binders and filing cabinets or in spreadsheets? Do you find yourself agonizing over the time it takes to pore over your data and develop reports? You’re not alone. It’s a common problem facing water utility managers. Take, as an example, the Town of Newmarket, Ontario, which until a year ago had no data management system other than clerical filing of test results. Producing reports or viewing specific results was eating up far too much staff time.

“The Ontario Ministry of the Environment requires a report of minimum and maximum readings for test results,” says Bill Wilson, Water and Wastewater Supervisor of the Town of Newmarket. “I used to spend hours thumbing through pages and pages of historical data in order to compile quarterly and yearly reports.”

The Solution

He turned to the WaterTrax utility service for help and in short order the town had a state-of-the-art data management system. “With the WaterTrax service we are prepared to respond to the Ministry of the Environment and to protect our community,” Mr. Wilson says. “It gives us the means to provide information with the push of a button. It is easy to find a selected result or group of results without sifting through hundreds of pages of information. I can quickly organize data by selecting a range of dates, test parameters or specific sample locations and print a report of the results.”

The timesavings were remarkable. “Simply by logging onto the service, I have immediate access to all of my water quality data. Formatting, trending, and analyzing these data is now a simple task. Furthermore, the WaterTrax service identifies any clerical errors in data entry immediately. Our reports have greater accuracy than ever before.”

The Benefits

Why does he feel the service has been valuable for the Town of Newmarket? Mr. Wilson says it has allowed him to spend more time on other projects and thus to increase productivity. Because WaterTrax is a web-based service, he even has the option of viewing information from his home computer. “I have regularly commented on my success with WaterTrax with other municipalities in the greater Toronto area, several which have since come online,” he says. “It’s simply a great service.”

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