The Digital Era: WaterTrax Mobile at WMWD

Mobile capabilities enhancing water quality trend analysis and tracking.

Now that we have implemented WaterTrax Mobile, we are doing weekly reports of field data such as nitrification, rather than relying on someone’s memory and we now have a much better handle on water quality trends.

Brenda Meyer, Principle Engineer, Western Municipal Water District

Long term planning and trending had always been a highly desirable and yet unattainable task at Western Municipal Water District (WMWD). Working on monthly and quarterly reporting would take the majority of the month, leaving little time for future planning. Though Brenda Meyer, Principal
Engineer at WMWD, did not collect the samples herself, she struggled to keep on top of the data entry of sample results for their four potable water systems. They were eager to modernize their
program and maintain data in a much more efficient way and they jumped at the chance to reduce data entry efforts and get results into the database in real time with WaterTrax Mobile!

The Benefits

WaterTrax Mobile gives WMWD control over their results and information. They now have a better handle on water quality trends and are saving over 200 hours of data entry time. They now have more time to spend on other regulatory activities such as tracking new regulations, looking at other issues.

  • Make data driven decisions in real-time
  • Track more information on a much more frequent basis
  • Catching issues as they arise, allowing for operational mediation
  • More time to spend on other regulatory activities
  • Eliminate the cost and effort of manual data entry
  • Improved data accuracy and completeness

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