The City of Kelowna and WaterTrax develop an electronic reporting tool for their Ministry of Environment compliance data.

We are saving a significant amount of time now that we have this tool. With WaterTrax, I go to the EMS reporting tool where the template has already been set up, and all I have to do is change the date range and run it.

Nicole Moggey, Senior Lab Technician, City Of Kelowna.

The City of Kelowna has been a WaterTrax subscriber for over 10 years. They utilize WaterTrax to manage both their water and wastewater data and decided to take it a step further by engaging WaterTrax to build them an electronic reporting tool to help them submit compliance data to the Environmental Management System (EMS) for the British Columbia Ministry of Environment.

The Challenge

In order to track all of the data required for the EMS compliance, the City of Kelowna was maintaining two databases outside of WaterTrax in order to generate the required output for submission to the Ministry of Environment.

The Solution

Working with the City of Kelowna and the Ministry of Environment (MOE), WaterTrax developed an electronic reporting tool that leverages the internet to reduce the amount of time that utilities spend generating their EMS reports. With a one-time setup m the EMS reporting tool allows users to configure, assign and save EMS parameters…read more.

The Benefits

The City are able to spend more time analyzing the data rather than gathering and double checking it. The EMS Reporting tool has automated a cumbersome process.

  • Can run their EMS report in minutes
  • All data is verified automatically by the built in parameter database
  • No longer need to maintain two databases
  • All calculations are performed automatically in WaterTrax
  • WaterTrax sends alerts if there are issues with sampling results
  • Because WaterTrax is web-based, they can access their results, data and reports from anywhere!

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