South Bend Utilities Gains Significant Time Efficiencies by Automating Compliance with WaterTrax

WaterTrax enables South Bend Utilities to improve data management, accessibility, and visualization.

WaterTrax has been a great addition for South Bend Utilities! I can quickly look up recent or historical data without having to take someone else’s time or skim through paper, pdf, or other digital reports. We are very happy with our decision to go with WaterTrax. I would absolutely recommend it to other utilities!

Michelle Smith, Director Of Water Quality And Laboratory, South Bend Utilities

South Bend Utilities in South Bend, Indiana is proud to sustain the wellbeing of their community of over 100,000 by protecting the public and waterways with clean and safe drinking water and wastewater. South Bend Utilities is comprised of 9 drinking water treatment plants and 1 wastewater treatment plant.

South Bend Utilities is proud that their water quality meets or exceeds all regulations. With a
large number of stakeholders, it is important for South Bend Utilities to efficiently manage and
organize their water and wastewater data in order to streamline operations and reporting.

The Benefits

  • Data are centralized in one location and are accessible by the staff who need to see it
  • Alerts are easily set up in the system to make staff aware of issues
  • Compliance reporting is simple to complete
  • Complaint management tasks are easily visualized and shared with others
  • Historical data are readily queried and accessed by staff

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