Penticton Wastewater Treatment Plant Improves Reporting and Data Management Practices

Penticton’s wastewater treatment plant achieves 94% efficiency gain with WaterTrax.

WaterTrax is now a part of all of our daily lives, and it makes all of our lives easier, especially in regards to reporting. We’ve seen the benefits that it has brought for everyone in our department.

Jenna Sawri, Operator, City Of Penticton Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Wastewater Treatment Plant at the City of Penticton are proud that they comply with some of the most stringent provincial and federal regulatory requirements in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Serving a population of 33,500, the team at the Wastewater Treatment Plant is comprised of 11 staff and 7 operators who are committed to treating wastewater to provincial and federal standards before the water is returned to the receiving environment. With a large number of stakeholders, it is important for the Wastewater Treatment Plant to ensure accurate data for their reporting requirements and overall water quality purposes.

The Benefits

  • Faster data processing for reporting
  • 94% efficiency gain in regards to regulatory reporting
  • Improved data management practices
  • More timely data remediation thanks to automated alerting
  • Responsive customer support during and after implementation

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