The City of Ottawa Leverages WaterTrax to Stay Compliant and Support Operational Decisions

With WaterTrax, the City of Ottawa reduces administrative burden and ensures data integrity.

The word integrity is key. It’s very important to us that we’re reporting the correct information in order to make the right decisions. WaterTrax allows us to store our data in a single, secure environment that is easily accessible by those who need it but where data cannot be deleted. WaterTrax has also allowed us to better QA/QC our data, and when there’s a problem, we can easily flag, add comments, and choose to include or exclude that data from our reports.

Gwyn Norman, Water Quality Data Analyst, City Of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, delivers safe drinking water to a population of just over 850,000. Managing two surface water treatment plants and five groundwater well systems, it is extremely important to the City to ensure the integrity of their data and to comply with regulations.

The Benefits

  • Ensuring Compliance – once data are entered in the centralized location, they are verified against the built in jurisdictional standards database, which let staff know of any potential violations.
  • Data Consolidation and Integrity – data is centralized in one secure location where data cannot be deleted. Database is not limited in terms of number of rows.
  • Flushing Out Bad Data – with flagging functionality, bad data can be excluded or included in reports. Comments can also be added to data to explain why they were flagged.
  • Proactive Preventative Maintenance – staff are able to use data to determine when maintenance is needed, for example, when to replace their granular activated carbon columns.
  • Using Data to Make Decisions – WaterTrax provides a timeline of data for the whole system, and gives staff the ability to access historical data quickly and easily. With reports, staff can then visualize trends on specific parameters in certain areas.

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