WaterTrax Mobile

WaterTrax Mobile – Remote Field Data Collecting

Using WaterTrax Mobile, you can collect field sample results using any mobile device in the field. By capturing data directly from the field, eliminating errors.

How much time do you or your team spend performing duplicate data entry?

Do you collect sample results in the field using pen and paper, followed by enter the results into a database manually, only to find out that you have an exceedance or missed a sample? Resampling may be required if results are in doubt after the initial result was recorded.

The WaterTrax Mobile app has been designed to collect data on a mobile device at the source!

If you are searching for solutions to help to improve efficiency for utilities by eliminating redundant and manual data entry and reporting processes, WaterTrax Mobile is that solution.

With WaterTrax Mobile, once data is entered in the field using any mobile device, the data is synced and available in the WaterTrax database.  Alerts are triggered through the app if the sample result has any issues, letting those in the field and back in the office know in real-time if there are potentially any water quality issues.

How it works:

  • Field results are entered directly into the database – Once
  • Alerts generated immediately
  • Results are auto-saved – data integrity is preserved
  • Find the next sampling point based on your GPS location, click and enter data
  • Data is immediately available in WaterTrax

Get Accurate Data the first time with WaterTrax Mobile!

WaterTrax Mobile eliminates transcription errors with single data entry.  WaterTrax continues to protect data integrity with automatic data verification and alerting, eliminating manual data reviews.

Reduce the cost of data entry!

With WaterTrax Mobile eliminating double entry of data, your staff are able to save resources and time and eliminate costly transcription errors.  Clients have reported that they save hours per week, per plant in data entry and have increased the productivity of staff and reduced redundant admin costs.

The tangible benefits!

Our clients have seen great return on their investment on their decision to incorporate WaterTrax Mobile.

One client reported that they spent an extra 15 minutes/day at one of their plants to double record data collected during daily operator rounds.  At a second plant, they spent an extra 30 minutes/week to double record data.

He calculated total time savings per year as:

Plant 1: 15min/day * 365 days = 5,475 mins per year

Plant 2: 30 min/week * 52 weeks = 1,560 mins per year

Total time spent per year entering data twice = 117 hours per year!

With the average cost of labor at a utility being $48/per hour – WaterTrax Mobile brings them an annual savings of over $5,600 per year.

See how it works!

Contact us to see if WaterTrax Mobile is the solution for you!   Want to see more? Watch this webinar recording to WaterTrax Mobile in action.