Industrial Pretreatment

In 2015, WaterTrax acquired Linko Technology, adding industrial pretreatment and fats, oil and grease (FOG) software to our robust software suite.

The LinkoCTS–Compliance-Tracking Software is designed specifically for industrial pretreatment compliance-tracking. LinkoCTS is a mature and highly functional database software application. Because not all pretreatment programs are alike, Linko offers various product configurations to meet every client’s unique responsibilities. With all the features pretreatment coordinators require in a single and highly flexible software application, LinkoCTS delivers rapid return on investment.

Permit management LinkoCTS helps you maintain a list of permitted industries and required information. This includes all permit information, monitoring points and limits, and reports and letters (including industry fact sheets, sampling plans, customizable letter templates). All reports and letters are exportable to Microsoft Word and Excel formats.
Samples & results Easily schedule, track and evaluate sample analysis compliance. LinkoCTS is also equipped with violation detection to evaluate concentration/mass, hold time and proper collection methods. Exceedances trigger violation/enforcement processes.
Violations & enforcement Automatically detect violations, issue NOVs and manage compliance requirements from within LinkoCTS.
Advanced scheduling Auto-schedule inspections, samples and self-monitoring requirements (SMRs). Then add all activities to the industry history and monthly calendar. Configure reminder processes so activities due and late SMRs are flagged for NC or SNC.
Flexible reporting Customize reports for your organization. Easily add logos, change text or add/remove fields. Generate reports based on your current reports and letters, including NOVs, warning letters, inspection status reports and more.


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