Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG)

Our fats oil and grease software saves time and money, eliminates management headaches and ensures you complete all required steps in your FOG program. In 2015, WaterTrax acquired Linko Technology, adding industrial pretreatment and FOG software to their software suite.

Fats, Oil and Grease

LinkoFOG streamlines and organizes all aspects of fats, oil and grease (FOG) programs. Our FOG software saves time and money, eliminates management headaches and ensures you complete all required steps in your FOG program. Because not all FOG programs are alike, Linko offers various product configurations to meet every client’s unique responsibilities.

LinkoFOG provides unique capabilities to schedule and manage high-volume FSE inspections, including configuring and customizing inspection forms and reports. LinkoFOG provides comprehensive and easy-to-use tools to help you build, send and track educational materials. The system also automatically issues email reminders and schedules subsequent pumpouts for facilities. Facilities not meeting their maintenance requirements are easily identified, allowing FOG program staff to focus enforcement and inspection activities on facilities not in compliance.

FSE Inventory LinkoFOG provides various tools to help you assemble your FOG program inventory of FSEs. With LinkoFOG, users can then track grease extraction equipment (grease traps, grease interceptors, AGRUs), adding new FSEs as they come online and retiring FSEs that go out of business.
FOG Inspections Inspecting FSEs usually entails a pass/fail status based on facility observations and grease and solids layers within a trap/interceptor. Maintenance schedule LinkoFOG provides schedule management tools to inform you of those FSEs which are maintaining their traps — and those which have failed to complete required maintenance.
Violations & enforcements LinkoFOG flags late or missing maintenance requirements and failed inspections while providing friendly prompts to issue and track violations and enforcements. With LinkoFOG, generating custom violation/warning letters and mailing labels is easy.
Educational outreach Educating FSEs on their FOG responsibilities and requirements is an effective tool in reducing the amount of fats, oil and grease entering the sewer system.
Samples & results Precise analytical data is very useful in determining the effectiveness of grease-extraction devices and cleaning frequencies. LinkoFOG schedules, tracks and evaluates sample analysis compliance with ease.
Flexible reporting With specific reporting requirements, each FOG control program is unique. With our flexible reporting tools, your organization can customize LinkoFOG reports to make them your own.
Self reporting portal POM Portal provides a solution for gathering electronic pumpout manifests from facilities or haulers, eliminating manual data entry of manifests by FOG program staff.


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