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The WaterTrax Data Management software provides features that are key to providing an effective business tool to automate and improve daily activities related to acquisition and storage of system monitoring information, compliance verification and reporting. The software includes:

A consolidated and structured database WaterTrax uses intuitive data management architecture that is configurable for consolidating all monitoring data collected by your organization. The database builds a history of information at each sampling point and provides system-wide information that is easy to locate, share and understand.
Electronic laboratory data transfer WaterTrax’s electronic data transfer format allows your internal and contract labs to upload laboratory test data directly into your WaterTrax database. In addition to eliminating paper records and duplicate data entry, the database provides real-time alerting when lab test results exceed alert levels as well as immediate and simultaneous access to all lab test results by managers and other office staff.
Mobile app data entry Using WaterTrax’s mobile app, enter data from your smartphone or tablet in the field. By capturing data directly from the field, errors and duplication can be eliminated. Beyond providing managers and other office staff with immediate access to field data, real-time alerting of poor results offers the ability to respond quickly to any water/wastewater system issues.
Automatic alerting WaterTrax provides an alerting mechanism to screen monitoring results. Data received from field technicians, entered by operators or transmitted from laboratories, are automatically checked against your defined alerting criteria once data are entered into WaterTrax. If results exceed alerting criteria, alert notifications are emailed to appropriate personnel.
Calculations WaterTrax provides a formula builder tool that allows users to set calculations based on custom-defined formulas. For reporting and graphing, the database maintains a history of all calculated values for each formula. Alerting criteria can be set based on calculated values.
Reports and graphs Users can define which data to include in reports or graphs using a set of criteria or filters (collection date range, sampling locations, analytes, etc.). Settings can be saved as templates for easy reproduction based on your specified frequency. Thousands of historical records can be exported into PDF, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or other graphical format in seconds.

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