Water and Wastewater Data & Compliance Management Software

WaterTrax is an industry-leading software company serving the water and wastewater industry. Our solutions serve agency and utility operations’ compliance and maintenance needs for drinking water, wastewater, industrial pretreatment, and fats, oil and grease (FOG) across North America.

From source, to tap, to waste, WaterTrax offers a centralized solution to meet your water and wastewater data management needs, including monitoring and regulatory compliance. With a suite of software products, we help our clients handle their data at every step.



Managing water quality data from various sources in multiple formats is a challenge every utility and agency faces. WaterTrax helps you take control of your water quality data by:



  • Consolidating all water quality data into a single central location
  • Meeting compliance requirements from government authorities in Canada and the U.S.
  • Generating reports quickly and easily
  • Automatically receiving email alerts when water quality exceedances happen
  • Managing complex sampling schedules
  • Producing chain-of-custody labels and reports
  • Conducting all calculations in the software
  • Leveraging the power of visualized sample point mapping
  • Offering you anytime/anywhere access to your data using a web-based solution


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