Technology Partners

WaterTrax Certified Technology Partners

At WaterTrax, we are committed to providing our customers a seamless water and wastewater information management experience. By establishing strategic partnerships we can deliver an efficient experience for our customers.

  • Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. is an ISO Certified firm that has been serving the Water/Wastewater community for close to twenty years with state of the art LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems), automating laboratories with barcoding, NPDES, BOD, instrument and enterprise integration. Contact ATL at 800.565.LIMS (5467)

  • eRPortal Software Group

    eRPortal Software Group

    The eRPortal Software Group provides enterprise asset management and materials management software products and SaaS applications that enable companies to optimize operations, maintain assets and infrastructure, and manage all related materials, resources, and logistics. The software has been developed with an architecture that provides customers a solution that is exceptionally easy to use; with an interface that is configurable based on an individual’s daily tasks and organizational role.

  • Promium, LLC

    Promium, LLC

    Promium, LLC is a leading provider of laboratory information management systems (LIMS) for commercial and public sector testing laboratories. Element DataSystem LIMS integrates with the WaterTrax solution to create a comprehensive information management infrastructure for water and wastewater labs.

  • Trihedral


    Trihedral is a leading developer and integrator of computer software for monitoring and control. They have created the world’s most capable and reliable HMI/SCADA software: VTScada Monitoring & Control Software. VTScada is an all-in-one monitoring & control software for telemetry applications of any size.