WaterTrax Mobile featured in this month’s BCWWA Watermark Magazine

Going Mobile with WaterTrax!

In an article entitledGoing Mobile with Field Data Collection”, WaterTrax Mobile is featured as an emerging technology that is taking the water industry by storm. Advancements in technology-driven data collection and automated data verification are allowing many utilities to save time and effort when using a mobile data collection tool to collect results in the field. Going mobile with field data collection not only reduces duplication of data entry and review efforts, it also saves utilities a lot of money.

Time Savings

Our clients who have adopted WaterTrax mobile have reported that they were spending upwards of two hours extra per week to double record data collected during daily operator rounds per water system. On a daily or weekly basis, that number doesn’t seem too time consuming, but when it is averaged out over a year, this results in saving around 120 hours per year by eliminating the duplication of data collection efforts, all while reducing the potential for data entry errors when they go to review the data or use it for reporting. Implementation of WaterTrax Mobile is quite simple for existing and new users.  With a one-time configuration of their data collection template, they are able to be up and data collecting in a matter of hours.

WaterTrax mobile is accessible on any mobile device, meaning users can use iPads or Andoid tablets on any operating system.  After implementing WaterTrax, a typical utility will see a return on investment of mobile devices and software costs within six months.

Reduce Errors

More than just saving money, WaterTrax mobile is helping utilities to ensure high standards for water quality.  With built-in data verification in WaterTrax, users will be notified of errors before submitting data into the database.  This will catch any data entry issues and water quality issues at the point of collection. Automated alerts let field staff and staff back in the office know immediately of a potential water quality incident!

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