WaterTrax Mobile for field data entry is here!

With increasing demands for stringent testing and compliance within our industry, mobile field data entry is essential!

Many of our clients know that field data collection is a time and resource consuming tasks.  They often find themselves out in the field with a clipboard and pen in all types of weather, reading instruments or collecting samples.  Often times, they then have to return to the office to manually type the results into either a spreadsheet or the WaterTrax database. This could potentially lead to data entry errors due to typos or misreading of handwritten results.  If you are like most people, sometimes the second entry back in the office is delayed because of many other tasks,  thereby delaying the results. Once entered into the spreadsheet or database, the results are then checked against local parameter limits and re-sampling may be required if there are errors.

This manual process of mobile field data entry is a thing of the past!  WaterTrax mobile eliminates duplicate data entry and reduce costs, while reducing data entry errors and improving data integrity.  Clients estimate that they will see a return on investment (including software costs and hardware investments) within six months of implementation.  Additionally, they estimate that they will be saving around 120 hours per year in redundant data entry with the mobile data entry tool.  Once the data is submitted using WaterTrax Mobile, the data is instantly available in the WaterTrax data management solution, triggering alerts, performing calculations and making the data readily available for reporting and analysis.

How it works:

1. Set up mobile sheets in WaterTrax database, just like any log sheet or other data entry sheet – one time!
2. Enter field results directly into the database via a tablet or mobile device in the field.
3. Alerts generated immediately for exceedances.
4. Easily find next sampling point and collect data, using GPS features or in-app search functionality

Other features:

  • Offline mode available
  • Compatible with all smart phones and tablets
  • Various data entry options
  • Customizable data entry screen
  • Results are auto-saved in the app
  • Auto-download of existing templates to mobile app – making setup a breeze!
  • Data syncs to office database

Client Testimonial:

“We currently spend an extra 15 minutes per day at one plant to double record data collected during daily operator rounds and an extra 30 minutes per week double recording data at a second plant.  With WaterTrax Mobile we will be saving around $3,300 per year!” – Mike Gosselin, Wastewater Supervisor

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