WaterTrax partners with Trihedral VTScada to provide smarter data management solution

April 1, 2015 Vancouver, BC – WaterTrax is excited to announce an exciting partnership with Trihedral, developer of the world’s most capable and reliable HMI/SCADA software: VTScada Monitoring & Control Software. VTScada is an all-in-one monitoring & control software for telemetry applications of any size.

Trihedral has developed a custom interface for VTScada which allows users to easily transmit their summary SCADA data into WaterTrax, in a secure and automated file transfer.  This custom interface would require a one-time set up, allowing you to transfer various summary information from your SCADA system for analysis and trending within the WaterTrax application.

For many water and wastewater utilities, a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system is an essential tool for operational control, alarm management, and system optimization. These utilities must also collect thousands of discrete samples for laboratory analysis to prove compliance with regulatory requirements and require a data management system to manage all of their laboratory test results. However, it has traditionally been difficult to share information between these two types of systems which is often required for reporting. The most common solution was to manually consolidate the data which can be intermittent, time consuming, and subject to human error.

Trihedral engineers, in co-operation with WaterTrax developers, have simplified this process by creating a custom tag within VTScada that automates this process based upon easy to configure parameters. The WaterTrax tag provides a means to automatically upload tag data from VTScada to WaterTrax. By linking this tag to an Analog Input or Analog Status tag, for example, values such as the maximum, minimum, average, etc. can be uploaded at set intervals.

WaterTrax continues to strengthen their product offerings by partnering with high quality technology companies to provide a smarter overall data management solution.  “We are excited about our partnership with Trihedral,” explains Andrew Lewis, P.Eng., Director of Sales at WaterTrax, “because it adds another critical piece to automating data consolidation, compliance verification and reporting for our water and wastewater utility clients.” By teaming up with Trihedral VTScada, WaterTrax users can simply push data from their SCADA system into WaterTrax.  Once the data is securely transferred into WaterTrax, calculations are performed, alerts are generated for exceedances and graphing and reporting is available at the click of a button, ensuring compliance.

To learn more about getting your SCADA data or other data into WaterTrax, we have prepared an overview to explain this process: Getting your SCADA data into WaterTrax.

WaterTrax and VTScada will be hosting a webinar on April 23, 2015 which will go into further detail on how the two applications will work together.  This webinar is free to attend.