WaterTrax Introduces WaterTrax Parameters Portal

WaterTrax Introduces WaterTrax Parameters Portal

An online parameters guide for water quality professionals, first of its kind and free to access

Vancouver, BC — September 19, 2012 — WaterTrax today released WaterTrax Parameters Portal, an online reference guide that gives water quality professionals access to a comprehensive database of water contaminant information and the regulatory standards associated with them.  WaterTrax Parameters Portal is free and accessible for online public access.

WaterTrax Parameters Portal offers a comprehensive collection of regulatory and health related information for over 300 biological, chemical, and physical contaminants. It contains regulatory standards and guidelines for over 70 North American and International jurisdictions, including the World Health Organization (WHO), United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and Health Canada. Furthermore, it offers detailed contaminant information such as descriptions, health and environmental implications and links to supporting documentation. View the arsenic example on WaterTrax Parameters Portal. The information is based on standards provided by USEPA and Health Canada, and is updated regularly.

“WaterTrax Parameters Portal is an easy way for water quality professionals to source contaminant information, because it allows them to access all the information quickly and easily from one source,” remarked James Griffiths, General Manager of WaterTrax.

WaterTrax Parameters Portal can be used as a resource guide or tool for professionals in water and wastewater related industries, including water and wastewater operations managers, public works and environmental professionals, water quality professionals, water resources engineers, regulators, and students. For example, a water quality professional can use it to quickly reference information about water contaminants and accurately compare regulatory standards between jurisdictions.

“WaterTrax Parameters Portal has been a valuable resource for our customers over the years, and we want to make it accessible to other water and wastewater professionals as well by making it free and easily accessible online,” said Andrew Lewis, P.Eng, Director of Sales for WaterTrax, who has been a water and wastewater engineer for 25 years. “As a company that provides water quality information management software, WaterTrax Parameters Portal is a supplementary resource that supports our efforts to provide water quality professionals with the right tools that will help them ensure that drinking water is delivered safely to consumers and that wastewater is discharged safely back into the environment.”

To access the WaterTrax Parameters Portal, visit www.watertrax.com/parametersportal.

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