Water and Wastewater Data & Compliance Management Software

WaterTrax is an industry-leading software provider that helps agencies and utilities monitor and manage their water and wastewater system data. Through technology driven-data collection, automated data management and electronic reporting, we equip our clients with the tools to streamline their regulatory compliance practices and improve data integrity.

Powered by WaterTrax, our clients take full charge of their data.

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What We Do

As a software provider, WaterTrax helps agencies and utilities monitor and manage operational data for their water and wastewater systems while staying in regulatory compliance.

WaterTrax is designed specifically for water and wastewater compliance data management. Our industry-leading software automates and digitizes the process of data collection, management, and electronic reporting. We offer unmatched client support, backed by a team of in-house industry experts who work one-on-one with each client to find the very best information management solutions to ensure regulatory compliance.

WaterTrax works with utilities across North America who are frustrated by increasing pressure to reduce costs and find efficiencies. Often, they use many resources to enter data into spreadsheets or databases and monitor those results manually. Our clients trust WaterTrax to centralize their water and wastewater data from various sources, validate the results and ensure data integrity throughout the process.

Upcoming Webinar


NetDMR is coming in Texas. Are you ready?

Date: March 29th 2018 11:30 am CDT

Presenter: Rich Prinster, Business Development Manager, Andrew Lewis, Solutions Engineer

Length: 45

The state of Texas is migrating away from the TCEQ NetDMR to the EPA NetDMR reporting by the end of this month  This webinar will examine what this transition means for you and how this will help you keep in compliance in Texas.

WaterTrax Product Line

    • Water


      An intuitive database specifically for water system data management. Key features include:

      • Automated data verification
      • Automated alerts
      • A sampling planner
      • Chain-of-custody labels and forms
      • A formula builder tool
      • Lab data transfer
      • SCADA integration
      • Mobile data entry
      • Mapping tools
      • Regulatory and ad hoc reporting tools
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    • Wastewater


      An intuitive database specifically for wastewater system data management. Key features include:

      • Automated data verification
      • Automated alerts
      • A sampling planner
      • Chain-of-custody labels and forms
      • A formula builder
      • Lab data transfer
      • A sample planner
      • SCADA integration
      • Mapping tools
      • DMR reporting tool
      • Regulatory and ad hoc reporting tools
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    • Industrial Pretreatment

      Industrial Pretreatment

      The Linko Compliance Tracking Software – Linko CTS is an accurate and organized way to manage activities and evaluate industrial pretreatment / source control compliance. Our solutions help with:

      • Permit management
      • Violations and enforcement tracking and compliance
      • Sample scheduling
      • Data consolidation
      • Reporting
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    • Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG)

      Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG)

      Our fats, oil and grease software saves time and money, eliminates management headaches and ensures you complete all required steps in your FOG program. Our solutions help with:

      • Grease trap/interceptor maintenance management
      • Violations and enforcement tracking and compliance
      • FOG inspection management
      • Educational outreach
      • Sample management
      • Reporting
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    • Compliance Reporting

      Compliance Reporting

      WaterTrax works with several clients and regulatory agencies across North America to offer a full spectrum of compliance reporting tools.  Our award winning electronic reporting tools set us apart from our competitors.  Our reporting tools include:

      • NetDMR for DMR reporting directly to the state or EPA – applicable to most states
      • CIWQS reporting SMR and DMR reporting to the California Water Resources Control Board
      • BC Environmental Monitoring System report
      • Ontario MUMPS report
      • CCR Reporting
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    • WaterTrax Mobile

      WaterTrax Mobile

      Using WaterTrax Mobile, you can collect field sample results using any mobile device in the field. By capturing data directly from the field, eliminating errors.

      WaterTrax Mobile features include:

      • Customizable data entry screens
      • User-configurable sample related fields for data entry
      • Auto-save for all entries
      • Real-time alerts for exceedance
      • GPS function to auto-load nearby sampling points
      • Offline support (e.g. save drafts for later use or submission)
      • Auto-download existing templates to mobile app (for easy set-up)
      • Compatibile with all mobile devices
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    Data consolidation

    Into one central database, from labs, SCADA, inline instruments and other sources


    Compliance alerting

    With data verified by a region-specific, built-in parameter database with alerts and notifications should an exceedance occur


    Automated calculations

    Using our proprietary WaterTrax formula builder tool, which performs all calculations automatically and enables our clients to define custom formulas


    Sample planning reminders/alerts

    Thanks to our Sample Planner, which sets up schedules and sends reminders so you never miss a sample again


    Compliance reporting and Trending

    All your compliance reporting can be achieved with the click of a button (including electronic DMRs and state-specific reporting)


    Our Clients

    • The City of Kelowna
      West Basin Municipal Water District
      The Township of Langley
      The Resort Municipality of Whistler
      Gallatin Public Utilities
    • Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission
      Utilities Kingston
      Boundary Bay Assessment and Monitoring Program
    • The Loyalist Township
      The Town of Midland
      The City of Nanaimo
      The Town of Newmarket
      Park Water Company
    • SaskWater
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