Maintenance Management


The WaterTrax Maintenance Management software provides many features that are key to providing an effective business tool to automate and improve daily activities related to your asset tracking and maintenance activities and reporting.  The Service includes:

PDF versions of reports, work orders and other forms can be automatically generated and emailed to employees or vendors.

The customizable WaterTrax home page allows users to access and view information only relevant to them.

Asset types Asset types and associated attributes, work order types and more can be customized to specific client needs.
Hierarchical asset management


Collect, track and manage all your asset information, including equipment and parts information, maintenance history, depreciation, inventory, total value, year-to-date labor and parts costs, status, pictures, and O&M manuals in an intuitive asset hierarchy.
Procedures library Store all maintenance procedures in a consolidated library. Users can assign appropriate procedures to specified assets so procedures are automatically attached to work orders created for the specified assets.
Preventive maintenance scheduling Create preventive maintenance schedules that automatically trigger work orders based on a pre-set frequency or use.
Work Order Management Track completion of maintenance activities and results from start to finish. Work orders are automatically generated based on preventive maintenance schedules, operating conditions or inspection failure criteria. For unplanned events, one-time work orders can also be created.
Cost Tracking Track purchase, depreciation and maintenance costs for each asset. Staff time required for maintenance is entered on each work order and automatically converted to costs based on hourly rates. Multiple work orders can be bundled together, allowing for easier tracking of costs, timelines and milestones on larger projects.
Reporting and Analysis Hundreds of different reports can be generated, such as labor productivity, maintenance history and asset amortizations.

For more information about our optional modules, please contact a WaterTrax representative.

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